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Why Did We Start Cannabis Vouchers?

Welcome to Cannabis Vouchers, we hope you find what you are looking for and enjoy using our site. If you’re reading this, you’ve been curious enough to want to know why it is that we we’ve dedicated our time to such an endeavour. We come from an industry background and have had the pleasure to witness the rapid development the cannabis sector is undergoing up close. This has meant that there isn’t really a standardisation of price and quality as the green rush gathers pace and all sorts of people and businesses look to cash in.

The idea came about because of the disparity in prices we see from one cannabusiness to another. What we did notice is that many of these companies do offer some great deals in amongst their selections. However, these are always so difficult to find and even then you have to go from site to site and compare offers and discounts making the process of purchasing slower than it needs to be and well, frustrating to say the least. That’s when we came up with the idea of a weed coupons site. By no means is this an original idea, there are already a number of famous coupon sites worldwide. I’m sure almost everyone reading this has heard of Groupon before now!

Our Weed Coupons Idea

What we couldn’t find was a high quality, well maintained easy to use site that listed cannabis coupon codes. The ones we did find were overly specialised, we found dispensary coupon sites, sites listing weed seed coupons and even the odd site that had vouchers, vaporizer offers and headshop coupons. What we didn’t find was one that offered all of these offers in one place. That’s not where we will stop, we are ambitious and want to go further still. We know that the average cannabis consumer isn’t average. They demand more and we do too. In the future we will also add vouchers and coupon codes for growing equipment, nutrients, CBD oil, cannabis attractions and any product we can find that enables you to save money when smoking, vaping, eating, growing and learning about weed.

Cannabis Vouchers Newsletter

Not only will be bringing you all the latest offers on our site but we want to ensure that you never miss out and any of the latest deals from anyone. With this in mind we will send out a regular newsletter to anyone who wants to sign up. All we ask for is your e-mail address and nothing else. We will then send you the latest cannabis coupons, seed sales, dispensary deals and headshop… nope can’t think of an alliteration for headshop.

The Aim

The aim is simple. We are here to ensure you never pay full price again!

Thanks, for reading and we’ll soon be back with another blog.