How to store cannabis seeds

Cannabis Seed Banks That Accept PayPal 2022

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When making any purchase online, PayPal is often the most convenient way to send your money. It offers payment protection, password-protected access, no need to enter long card numbers and instant transfer to most accounts or businesses. PayPal is ideal for buying cannabis seeds, but most breeders and seed banks can’t accept it so finding […]

Sawbuck of Weed

A Sawbuck of Weed: What is it?

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It’s green, it’s sticky, and it’s worth $10. What is it? A sawbuck of weed! The term sawbuck is probably something you have encountered when making a purchase, but what does it mean? This article will discuss what a sawbuck of weed is, where it comes from, and how to use it! What is a […]

420 Seeds Review

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420 Seeds Information Initially founded in 1999, 420 Seeds aim is: ‘To deliver the world’s finest genetics to your door, every time.’ To achieve this, they use decades of expertise to select the best seeds, test their quality repeatedly, store them in perfect conditions and then dispatch them discreetly. They’ve worked hard to build excellent […]

Crop King Seeds Review

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Crop King Seeds Information Since being founded in 2005, the team at Crop King Seeds has been searching the world for the best strains and breeders. They aim to find the highest-yielding cannabis varieties and make them available to their customers. With everything from classic coffee shop strains to modern hybrids you’re sure to find […]

i49 Seed Bank Review

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i49 Seed Bank Information Despite being a relatively young company, i49 has quickly made its mark. It was founded by a small group of entrepreneurs with years of experience in US cannabis culture. Following several terrible experiences as customers themselves, they started a company to improve the state of the market and do things right.  […]

Weedseedsexpress Review

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Weedseedsexpress Information Weedseedsexpress is an online seed bank based in Little Amsterdam (Haarlem) in the Netherlands. Since it began in 2005, founders Roger, Frank and Dave have built a global reputation of reliability and trustworthiness. They started as grow enthusiasts cultivating new strains for themselves but soon felt that it was time to share their […]

DankStop Review

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DankStop Information DankStop was created in 2014 by a group of friends and ‘cannaisseurs’. A smashed bong led them to turn to Google to find a decent online headshop. They quickly realized that no one provided a support phone number, offered same-day shipping, or even had a decent selection of glass bongs, pipes or vapes. […] Review

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Vapor Information is an online store for everything vape. They offer a one-stop shopping experience where you will find loads of information, guides, vapes and accessories. If you’re not sure what you’re looking for Vapor will take you by the hand and guide you through everything you need to know. At, you can […]

Smoke Cartel Review

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Smoke Cartel Information Online headshop Smoke Cartel was founded in 2013 by friends and art school students, Darby Cox and Sean Geng. They were disappointed by the selection available at local headshops and had been dissatisfied with their experiences shopping for glass online. In response, they joined forces to build something better; an online location […]

Dank Geek Review

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Dank Geek Information Dank Geek is an online headshop based in New Jersey. It stocks a fantastic blend of well-known brands and unique pieces. If you are looking for bongs, glass, dab rigs, pipes, or vapes, this is the place to start. It is a store run by enthusiasts, for enthusiasts. Since its first day, […]

Cream City Vapes Review

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Cream City Vapes Information Cream City Vapes is an online vape shop that aims to cater to all your vaping needs. Founded in 2015, their team of experts has tried and tested every vape they can, whether they stock it or not. Through their research and by working closely with suppliers, Cream City Vapes only […]

A guide to CBD and its benefits

Beginner’s Guide to CBD

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In many countries, CBD products can be found in high street shops, online stores and even local coffee houses. Despite their popularity, you may still be wondering, what is it and how can it benefit me?  Cannabidiol (CBD) is a versatile substance that is extracted from hemp plants and added to many items, including oils, […]

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PuffItUp Review

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PuffItUp Information Founded in 2007, PuffItUp is an online store and small-town vape shop in Stateline, Nevada. The town surrounding them may be small, but their range of quality vapes is anything but. Founder Randy opened the store to provide top-quality products and exceptional customer service. Since then, the business has blossomed, and its dedication […]

Seed City Review

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Seed City Information Seed City was founded in 2010 by a group of cannabis enthusiasts. With over a decade of industry experience, they got together to create a seed bank of their own. As a result, they are dedicated to earning a reputation for first-class customer service and high-quality seeds. Their enthusiasm for cannabis means […]

Original Seeds Store Review

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Original Seeds Store Information Original Seeds Store began as pioneers of the UK DIY cannabis scene. In 1992 they opened a store called ‘Sensible Light Systems and Seeds.’ Their aim was to bring the hydroponic systems they had seen in Amsterdam to the UK and make them available to their customers. It wasn’t long before […]

The Vault Seeds Review

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The Vault Cannabis Seeds Store Information The Vault Cannabis Seeds Store is a UK seed bank that was started in 2012 by founders Jack and George. They claim to be known as the finest seed bank in Europe and carefully point out why: Customer service – Run by the founders themselves, the customer response team […]

Seedsman Review

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Seedsman Information Highly regarded, reliable and with over 1,500 strains in stock, Seedsman is the favorite seed bank of growers throughout the world. It was founded in 2003 to preserve diverse cannabis strains and now has a vast library of internationally renowned seeds. Since then, they have grown considerably and produced a line of seeds […]

MSNL Review

Posted on | Information Friends Christian and Ben instinctively knew that there was more to weed than the standard bud found in most areas. In 1999, following a decade of smoking, traveling and trading, they founded (MSNL). They aimed to use their experience to make some of the world’s best cannabis strains available to everyday smokers. […]

ILGM Review

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I Love Growing Marijuana Information I Love Growing Marijuana began as a blog created by cannabis grow enthusiast Robert Bergman. In 2012, after two decades of home and industrial growing experience, he decided to create a website to share his expertise. His knowledge of issues faced by new growers meant that he could teach them […]

Growers Choice Seeds Review

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Growers Choice Seeds Information Growers Choice Seeds is an international seed company based in California. Their seed bank is the result of 20 years of industry research carried out by a team of horticultural and medical experts. They’ve used their expertise to combine some of the world’s best seeds with high-quality customer service.  They aim […]

Grizzly Seed Bank Review

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Grizzly Seed Bank Information Grizzly Seed Bank quickly made its mark on the UK scene with its user-friendly site and premium strains. Their seeds come from some of the world’s best breeders. The Grizzly team then checks them, resulting in high standards and a 90% rate of germination. They stock seeds that have been honed […]

Pacific Seed Bank Review

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Pacific Seed Bank Information Pacific Seed Bank is a US-based seed bank with a clean modern site that is easy to navigate and stocks a wide variety of cannabis seeds. They aim to be “your one-stop-weed-seed-shop” and the team has spent many years working together to curate a seed selection containing only the most sought-after […]

How to make your own hash

Hash Making 101

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Cannabis plants produce trichomes and terpenes which can be extracted. Harvesting trichomes in a delicate manner can produce a high-grade hash, which is a concentrated version of a whole plant extract. How can you extract these and produce your own high-end extract? Where In The World? Morocco, India, Pakistan, Lebanon and the Rif Mountains are […]

US Cannabis legality Map

Can I Legally Buy Cannabis Seeds in the US?

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For years, the answer to this would have been a flat no. But, as Dylan correctly pointed out, ‘the times- they are a changing’ and the last few decades have seen seismic shifts in worldwide cannabis law. Four countries have legalized recreational use, it has been decriminalized in eight and legalized for medical use in […]

Cannabis Clone Rooting

Cloning Cannabis Plants

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Cloning means to create an exact genetic replica of a living material. During the cannabis plant’s life cycle there will be times when it will produce potentially hundreds of smaller growth shoots, which can be removed from the plant and left to root independently. Here are the benefits of cloning. When it should be done, […]

Monster Cropped Cannabis Plant

Monster Cropping Explained

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The term monster cropping seems to be quite a new technique and as the name suggests, enhances the growth of your plants. It is important to not get confused with a different high stress technique named super cropping as there are some subtle differences. What Is Monster Cropping? Monster Cropping is process that involves taking […]

Supercropping Cannabis Plants

Super Cropping

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When you hear the phrase “super cropping”, you immediately want to know more. This game changing technique is simply down to the breaking and healing of a branch. Below I explain what super cropping is, how it benefits your grow, what physically happens to the plants and when and how often to perform this technique. […]

Harvesting a Cannabis Plant

Pruning For Improved Yield

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Training cannabis plants during the vegetative stage is certainly one way to enhance production. Another way is through pruning, which is the art of removing selected lower growth in order to maximise the growth energy of the plant. Below I explain the advantages of pruning, why it is done, when it is done and how […]

Types of Vaporizer

A Quick Guide to Vaporizer Types

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Vaping has quickly grown in popularity. It has become an attractive pastime for both smokers and non-smokers. For those new to vaping you will find many different types of vaporizer. As vaporizers have improved in quality and become more widely available, people have come to realize their many benefits. They are discreet, can be portable, […]

Screen of Green Growing (SCROG)

Scrogging Cannabis for Massive Yields

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Having a true understanding of how a specific cannabis strain grows can give you the edge when it comes to canopy control. The ability to manipulate the growth structure of your plants will have an impact on the number of flowering sites that are producing top heavy buds. This is how a SCROG setup works […]

Fuck I Missed

FIMMING Cannabis Explained

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When growing cannabis, there are a number of techniques that can be applied when shaping the growth structure of your plants. Below we cover a technique that was somewhat created by mistake and even given a name to remind us known as FIMMING. What Is FIMMING? To keep it as simple as possible, FIMMING means […]

Low Stress Training Flowering

Low Stress Training (L.S.T) Explained

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There are many ways to train and manipulate your cannabis plants as they grow. Some of these methods are also used when training Bonsai. By physically changing the growth structure of a cannabis plant, a grower can improve the overall yield and quality of flower. Below I will explain the process of low stress training, […]

Cannabis Trichomes

Terpenes: More Than A Flavor

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Terpenes are organic non-psychoactive molecules found in Cannabis. They are the chemicals that give cannabis its unique scent. Terpenes are an organic hydrocarbon found in the essential oils of plants. We can think of terpenes like “notes” when talking about wine – it’s the aromatic metabolites found in the oils of all plants. There are […]

Cannabis Honey

Cannabis Honey

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Would you ditch some of the refined sugar in your diet if you could replace it with a cannabis product? Cannabis and honey! Even without tasting it you know, this is going to be something special. Both of these well-loved natural products have been linked to beneficial effects in a range of studies. Combining them […]

Trimming a cannabis plant after harvest

Harvesting Cannabis Plants Indoors

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There is nothing more exciting than when harvest day is upon us. As growers, this is the time when all our hard work, investment, labour and skill pays off. Below I explain when to harvest and what to look out for, dry and wet trimming, the dry room and other things to consider. The Harvest […]

Cost of cannabis

The Cost of Cannabis

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As long as cannabis has been sold globally, its cost has varied from country to country, town to town and even supplier to supplier. However, never has there been a more turbulent time in its pricing than now. There are currently over thirty countries where medical use is legal and over thirty countries where recreational […]

Male Vs Female Cannabis Plant

How to Sex Cannabis Plants

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When growing Cannabis the end goal is to produce a plant that is female and will produce flowers. Cannabis is a phototropic plant meaning that it responds to lighting cycles ranging from long summer days to short winter nights. This video shows Phototropism in action. Having the ability to identify if the plant or plants […]

Cannabis Weights: How much is an eighth?

Weights and Measures- How much is an 8th?

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What’s the difference between an eighth and a Henry? How much is a zip or a farmer’s daughter? Understanding weights and measures and how cannabis can be packaged is often a confusing muddle of fractions, grams and slang terms. Even if you’ve been buying cannabis for a while you may find yourself confused by strange […]

Studies that highlight the effects of CBD

4 Studies That Highlight the Benefits of CBD

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There is rightfully a lot of interest in cannabidiol (CBD) right now. For those sceptical or totally against trying cannabis, even for medicinal purposes, CBD is a way of experiencing many of the therapeutic effects, without becoming intoxicated. Another benefit of CBD over cannabis with delta-9-tetrahydrocannabinol (THC), is that products are already available and can […]

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ABV Cannabutter

Making ABV Butter

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Anyone who uses a dry herb vaporizer should always save any ABV (Already Been Vaped) also known as AVB (Already Vaped Bud). The ABV still contains THC and other Cannabinoids that can, with some preparation, still be used.  Many people just dispose of this waste and miss the opportunity to get baking and make some ABV […]

Cannabis Seed Taproot

How to Germinate Cannabis Seeds

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The Germination Process Cannabis seeds can be stored in a dormant state for more than a decade if you can keep them cool, dry and in the dark. When you are ready to grow your seeds you must choose an appropriate method to introduce the correct conditions and begin germination. The introduction of warmth, light […]

Cannabis Seed Macro Shot

How To Store Cannabis Seeds

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Not having enough room to grow all of the seeds you have purchased or wanting to save favourite varieties for another season will leave you needing to store cannabis seeds. The incorrect storing of cannabis seeds can be costly to future yield and will reduce crop quality and quantity. That’s if they germinate at all. […]

Cannabis Seeds Legality UK

Are Cannabis Seeds Legal in the UK?

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Cannabis legalisation in the UK has moved forward but still remains bleak. Recently, while Canada legalised cannabis recreational cannabis country-wide, the UK legalised specific NHS prescription medicinal cannabis. The case with the seeds, however, is a bit trickier. The seed itself is not a drug, therefore it is legal to buy, sell and have them […]

Female Cannabis Plant grown from feminized seeds

What are Feminized Seeds?

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Just like humans, cannabis plants have two dominant genders (though a third, hermaphrodite, is also possible). Like humans as well, the breeding process happens between a male and female plant. The female plant will produce dense and dank buds when it is not pollinated. If it is pollinated, it will still produce buds – though, […]

Types of Vaporizer

Why Use A Dry Herb Vaporizer?

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If you’ve always smoked your herb but are worried about the possible health consequences you may well be looking for a different method. Vaping could be the answer. Dry herb vaporizers are a great way of enjoying all the benefits of cannabis without the harmful effects associated with smoking. What Do You Need to Know […]

Cannabis Dispensary

Mail Order Marijuana In Canada

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With legalization looming for marijuana enthusiasts across Canada, now it’s time to start looking at how you can get your favorite strains! Cannabis is becoming an increasingly popular alternative medicine for many people around the world. Not only is medical marijuana being rolled out in many new places all the time, but it is also […]