How to store cannabis seeds

Cannabis Seed Banks That Accept PayPal 2022

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When making any purchase online, PayPal is often the most convenient way to send your money. It offers payment protection, password-protected access, no need to enter long card numbers and instant transfer to most accounts or businesses. PayPal is ideal for buying cannabis seeds, but most breeders and seed banks can’t accept it so finding […]

US Cannabis legality Map

Can I Legally Buy Cannabis Seeds in the US?

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For years, the answer to this would have been a flat no. But, as Dylan correctly pointed out, ‘the times- they are a changing’ and the last few decades have seen seismic shifts in worldwide cannabis law. Four countries have legalized recreational use, it has been decriminalized in eight and legalized for medical use in […]

Cannabis Seed Taproot

How to Germinate Cannabis Seeds

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The Germination Process Cannabis seeds can be stored in a dormant state for more than a decade if you can keep them cool, dry and in the dark. When you are ready to grow your seeds you must choose an appropriate method to introduce the correct conditions and begin germination. The introduction of warmth, light […]

Cannabis Seed Macro Shot

How To Store Cannabis Seeds

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Not having enough room to grow all of the seeds you have purchased or wanting to save favourite varieties for another season will leave you needing to store cannabis seeds. The incorrect storing of cannabis seeds can be costly to future yield and will reduce crop quality and quantity. That’s if they germinate at all. […]

Cannabis Seeds Legality UK

Are Cannabis Seeds Legal in the UK?

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Cannabis legalisation in the UK has moved forward but still remains bleak. Recently, while Canada legalised cannabis recreational cannabis country-wide, the UK legalised specific NHS prescription medicinal cannabis. The case with the seeds, however, is a bit trickier. The seed itself is not a drug, therefore it is legal to buy, sell and have them […]

Female Cannabis Plant grown from feminized seeds

What are Feminized Seeds?

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Just like humans, cannabis plants have two dominant genders (though a third, hermaphrodite, is also possible). Like humans as well, the breeding process happens between a male and female plant. The female plant will produce dense and dank buds when it is not pollinated. If it is pollinated, it will still produce buds – though, […]