Cannabis seeds spread out underneath the edge of a cannabis leaf.

How Much Do Cannabis Seeds Cost?

With more and more people learning about the benefits and enjoyment that can come from cannabis use it’s no surprise that the interest in cannabis seeds has also grown. Before embarking on a new grow, many new growers are unsure how much weed seeds cost.

The cost of cannabis seeds can vary depending on several factors, including demand, strain, pack sizes, seed banks and even location. In this article, we will take a close look at the different factors that affect the cost of weed seeds, provide average prices of what you can expect to pay and give you some tips to help you save money. Whether you’re planning your first grow or your hundredth, having a good understanding of current weed seed prices will help you make the best choice.

Factors That Affect Prices

With so many different varieties of weed seeds from numerous competing breeders it should be no surprise that their prices can vary greatly. Some of the main factors that influence the difference in cost between seeds include:

Demand – As with any product, the cost of any weed seed is generally determined by supply and demand. Popular strains and seeds from popular seed banks are typically priced higher than those with less of a fanbase. Seeds with genetics that produce strains with high THC or CBD content, have unique flavors or produce specific effects, are often in greater demand.

Hype strains – Some cannabis strains have a strong reputation for certain characteristics such as potency or flavor. The popularity of these “hype strains” may be spread by word of mouth, via social media or on weed forums. They’re often winners of prestigious cannabis cups, come from well-known breeders, or have exceptionally high THC content. The hype around these strains can significantly drive up the price of the seeds.

Limited runs – Strains with unique or desirable traits, and those bred from popular parent stains are occasionally released in a limited run. This is a tactic often employed by breeders and seed banks to increase the hype and raise the prices of certain seeds. Limited edition seeds are hard to get and often priced higher than more commonplace varieties.

Generic seeds – Some seed banks buy generic versions of popular strains in bulk from breeders and repackage them with their own branding. This allows the seed banks to capitalize on the popularity of certain seeds while benefitting from bulk buy discounts. These seeds are generally less expensive than those that are branded by a specific breeder.

Seed type – Cannabis seeds come in three main types feminized (fems), regular (regs) and autoflowering (autos). Regular seeds are generally the cheapest because they require specific lighting and could be male (don’t produce cannabis buds) or female (produces buds). Fems and autos are often more expensive because they produce only female plants or automatically flower after a certain period of time.

Pack sizes – Most seeds can be bought in a variety of pack sizes ranging from one up to fifty or more. Larger packs are generally more affordable than smaller packs because the cost of production, packaging and shipping is shared between more seeds.

Deals and offers – Seed banks and breeders often use deals and offers to attract new customers or to make the low-selling stock more attractive. Free seeds, money off and buy-one-get-one-free deals aren’t always available but when they are, can substantially reduce the price of weed seeds.

How Much is a Weed Seed?

Cannabis Seed High Res

To give you a general idea of how much you can expect to pay for weed seeds, we researched the prices available at our top five online seed banks.

Of all the seeds available across these five sites, the cost for one cannabis seed ranged from $1.77 up to $21.80. This price range is based on the correct process as of February 21st, 2023 and the price of one seed was calculated from different offers, from single seed packs to packs of fifty.

We also chose three popular strains (White Widow, Girl Scout Cookies and Wedding Cake) to find out how much you have to spend on well-known tried and tested seeds. Across the same five sites, you can expect to pay between $3.56 and $20 for these seeds with an average price of $10.25.

The biggest factor affecting price difference in this selection was pack size; buying popular strains in packs of 20 or more brings the price down to below $10 for each seed.

What Are The Most Expensive Seeds?

The most expensive cannabis seeds sold on the five online seed banks we researched ranged from $12 to $21.80 per seed.

The most expensive seeds are generally well-known strains that offer exceptionally high yields of potent buds packed with THC. While there were lots of seeds available at the top prices, some notable mentions include Bruce Banner ($21.80), Banana Kush ($21.80), Gelato ($21.80), Gold Leaf ($21.80), CBD Shark ($16.33), Alien OG ($13.43) and 2Y2 ($14,25).

Occasionally, word of mouth and forum chat can build a legend around certain strains that drives the price up. In some cases, the limited supply of these legendary strains has meant that when they’re available, the price can shoot up well beyond $20. Fruity Pebbles, Oracle and Loud Dream are all such strains that once were only available in short runs commanding between $20 to $50 per seed.

How to Get Cheaper Cannabis Seeds

If you’re looking to reduce the overall cost of your grow and get your weed seeds even cheaper, we’ve got several strategies that will help:

  1. Use a trusted coupon site – Reliable coupon sites like Cannabis Vouchers specialize in collecting and sharing coupons and promo codes for an extensive range of seed banks. If you’re unsure of where to start, you can visit an offer page like the cannabis seed coupon & deals collection page where you can browse through all the best weed seed discounts. Alternatively, you can check out the great deals offered by going straight to the store pages like those for Crop King Seeds, i49, MSNL, Royal King Seeds and The Vault.
  2. Buy in bulk – Purchasing seeds in larger quantities can often result in lower costs per seed. Some seed banks like The Original Seeds Store offer discounts on popular strains in multiples of up to 500.
  3. Buy white-label seeds – Seed banks often buy white-label seeds in bulk so they can provide great genetics at lower prices. Visit Blimburn Seeds, I Love Growing Marijuana and Homegrown Cannabis Co to see how much you can save with white-label seeds.
  4. Compare prices between breeders – Large seedbanks like Seed Supreme, Seed City, True North Seed Bank, Herbies and Grizzly Seed Bank stock a vast range of seeds from hundreds of breeders. Buying your seeds from them makes it easier to compare seed prices and ensure you get the best deal.


The cost of weed seeds varies hugely from strain to strain and seed bank to seed bank; however, our research has revealed a general price range of $1.77 to $21.80 per seed. A higher price isn’t always a guarantee of quality so taking your time to find the seeds that match your needs, preferences and budget is essential to ensuring a successful and rewarding growing experience.