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DynaVap offers a range of pocket-size, battery-free vaporizers. Heat can be applied from a torch lighter to the metal cap which then vaporizes your concentrate or dry herb. All of their devices are convenient to carry and solidly made with no moving parts.

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DynaVap Range

The ‘M’ Series - The M vapes are the simplest offering and are the fifth version of their signature, torch-powered pen vape. They have a stainless steel body, an adjustable extraction chamber with a built-in grinder and a 10mm mouthpiece. The total length is 92mm and it can be used on its own or combined with other components such as water pipes or the DynaCoil concentrate adapter.

The Omni - The Omni is similar to the ‘M’ series but is slightly longer at 109mm and has a titanium stem. It also features a longer helical condenser and a dial indicator to let you make precise airflow adjustments.

The Vong - The Vong has a titanium stem with a wood sleeve that can be rotated to improve the airflow. It has an adjustable, contoured extraction chamber that can be adjusted to the size you need.

The BB - The BB range is a selection of glass cooling stems that fit the DynaVap stainless steel tips and caps to make a stylish complete vape. The glass section is vulnerable to breaks but cools the vapor down quickly to provide exceptional flavor.

DynaTec Induction Heater - This handy device allows you to heat up your DynaVap without the need for a torch lighter. It provides a more consistent temperature and you can choose from various options including USB chargeable versions and those that plug directly into your mains power outlet.

DynaVap Reviews

Reviews left on Trustpilot report that DynaVap vapes have a steep learning curve but produce incredible vapor. They also mention that every hit is full of flavor with no unpleasant smoke. Several customers mention that once you own one DynaVap you’ll soon want to expand your collection. There were even some people saying that the ease of use and vapor quality was comparable with larger powered vapes like the Storz and Bickel Volcano and the Air from Arizer.

Over on Reddit, they’re just as complimentary about DynaVap. Several Redditors recommended getting an induction heater to make the process even easier.

To get a closer look at the range there are some detailed unboxing videos available on Youtube.

Other Information

Warranty - DynaVap accepts returns on any products up to 90 days from when you received them. They will take returns on all defective products.

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