About Cannabis Vouchers

Cannabis Vouchers began life in 2017 as yourweedcoupons.com. The idea was conceived when the owner Brenden was working at a cannabis seed bank and noticed numerous complaints about fake codes being advertised on some very well-known coupon sites. After some Googling, he realized that there was a massive problem with sites adding codes without checking if they were valid and even worse, they were very rarely if ever being updated.

Brenden figured there was a gap for a website that not only focused on cannabis-related offers but for one that would manually check its codes remain valid. With a tiny budget and no idea how to build a website, he purchased a domain and put together a very basic site and launched it from his bedroom on August 12th 2017.

He continued to work his full-time job and using social media, he found an audience for Your Weed Coupons. Over the next year, he spent evenings and weekends adding dozens of stores and updating existing discounts to provide an offering that steadily became the most comprehensive of any cannabis coupon site. In October 2018, he decided to leave his job at the seed bank to focus his time on developing the site and making it even better.

The first few months of his newfound unemployment were used to build Your Weed Coupons 2.0. This new version was easier to use and included offers for more stores than ever. Next up, the focus moved on to building relationships with seed banks, headshops, mail-order marijuana, vaporizers and grow shops so that unique offers not available anywhere could be added to the website. Your Weed Coupons steadily grew and became an established name that was the first stop for anybody seeking to save money on cannabis-related products.

Version 2.0 remained in place until July 2022 when it was decided that a rebrand was needed and it was time to expand. A new domain was acquired, logos were redesigned and a plan to expand the offering to include CBD products, alt cannabinoids, odor eliminators, drug testing kits, magic mushrooms and MMJ cards was implemented.

Months of work was put in to build the new site and on October 3rd 2022 Cannabis Vouchers was launched in its current form. Now you can find over 4000 discounts, deals and coupons for over 400 stores from around the world.

Our Mission

The Cannabis Vouchers mission is a simple one. To provide coupon codes and information to the cash-conscious cannabis consumer so nobody has to pay full price when shopping online.

How Do We Do This?

  1. By working closely with new and established cannabis, hemp and CBD brands to offer exclusive discounts and coupons that cannot be found anywhere else on the internet.
  2. By researching and putting together guides on cannabis products, the best value stores to purchase from and posts on how to get the most for your money when shopping online.

Who Do We Serve?

Cannabis Vouchers are aimed at those with medical cannabis prescriptions, growers seeking the best genetics, lighting and nutrients at an affordable price, recreational consumers and people who utilize hemp cannabinoids for wellness, health and fun!

We collate discounts for 4 main countries where cannabis and/or CBD use is either decriminalized or legal. These are:

  1. United States of America
  2. Canada
  3. The United Kingdom
  4. Australia

Who Are We?

The Cannabis Vouchers team is small but perfectly formed. It consists of:


Brenden is the owner of Cannabis Vouchers and spends his days speaking to cannabis and hemp brands to build partnerships, searching online for new stores to add to the website, manually checking existing offers and of course removing the old ones.

He can also be found posting offers and answering questions in the r/cannabiscoupons sub-Reddit.


Amy is based in the USA and is a massive supporter of medical cannabis and all its benefits, she currently lives in a legal state where she is training to deliver cannabis-assisted psychedelic therapy. She joined the Cannabis Vouchers team at the end of 2021, her role is to research each new store we add to the website and put together the FAQs, looks into the best ways to save money at these stores and write introductions to the brand.


Tom is based in the UK and has worked as a professional writer for numerous CBD, supplement and cannabis brands. He joined the team in 2018 and has been indispensable ever since. Being incredibly knowledgeable in so many areas, he can take the information Brenden provides and turn it into engaging posts you can find on the blog.

Cannabis Vouchers Online Mentions

Several sites have mentioned us as the best cannabis coupon sites online, this includes Canadian cannabis review site Merry Jade and Colorado review website I Bake Denver.

We’ve also been mentioned on Herb.co, High Times, The Weed Blog and Cannabis.net.

Contacting Cannabis Vouchers

You can reach out to the team using [email protected] or by visiting the contact page.