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Best Online Weed Dispensary Canada

With more and more online weed dispensaries offering delivery throughout Canada, it can be hard to determine which are legit and which will leave you with empty pockets. At Cannabis Vouchers we’ve spent many years working in partnership with hundreds of different MOMs (Mail Order Marijuana) and have been lucky enough to experience many of the best products Canada has to offer.

To assist you in your hunt for the best online weed dispensary in Canada, we’ve created this list of MOMs that we trust to provide exceptional products, great service and lightning-quick delivery. To narrow down our choice we considered a range of important factors, including:

  • The range of products on offer.
  • The quality of the products.
  • How much you can get for your money?
  • The number of additional deals, services and discounts they provide.
  • Customer feedback from analysis of reviews and weed forums.

Are Online Weed Dispensaries legal in Canada?

Online weed dispensaries have a long history of operating in Canada. They offer a convenient and affordable way to purchase weed and other products, including flowers, concentrates, edibles and pre-rolls. While they are often not a part of the government-controlled access to medical cannabis scheme they still offer secure access to a broad range of high-quality cannabis products. Still, it’s always worth conducting your own research or using this list to ensure you buy from trusted MOMs with a history of reliability and thousands of happy customers.

Top Canadian Weed Dispensaries

No.1 Herb Approach – Best Overall

Herb Approach Website Screenshot

Herb Approach stands out head and shoulders above the competition when it comes to product selection, quality, customer service and fast delivery. Run by a knowledgeable team of experts, it has over 15 years of experience in the industry and an unrivaled dedication to giving its customers access to the best weed in Canada.

The Herb Approach website is slick, easy to navigate and packed with exciting products alongside several educational articles. With a focus on holistic health and natural healing, Herb Approach stock buds ranging from AAAA grade for the cannabis connoisseur to cheap ounces perfect for anyone on a budget.

Everything you order will be packed in discreet, odor-proof packaging, assigned a tracking number and comes with shipping insurance to guarantee successful delivery. However, if you do have any issues, the dedicated customer support team operates for extra-long hours to ensure they’re on hand for even the busiest customer.

If you’re looking to save money on your purchases, you can’t go wrong with Herb Approach. It provides multiple ways to save money including an insider’s club to earn loyalty points, regular flash deals, and build your own ounce and two ounces for $199.

It also has an exceptional reputation with lots of enthusiastic reports on Reddit and an almost 90% 5-star rating on Trustpilot. Most reviewers report on the fantastic weed, an abundance of great money-saving deals and fast order turnaround.

You can find a full range of Herb Approach money-saving coupons and deals here on Cannabis Vouchers.

Visit the Herb Approach website

No.2 Supherbs – Best for Flowers

Supherbs Website Screenshot

Founded to provide Canadians with quick access to quality cannabis at affordable prices, Supherbs ships top-quality cannabis to every town and city across Canada and same-day weed delivery within Calgary. It’s our choice of ‘best for flower’ thanks to the vast selection of carefully cured buds lovingly grown in BC. The extensive flower selection includes well-known best sellers, exotic strains, new varieties and even budget ounces from only $79.

Alongside the fantastic range of flowers, you’ll also find everything from edibles and extracts to moonrocks and shrooms. As well as regularly offering exciting new products, you’ll find daily weed sales, budget-friendly prices, loyalty points and free delivery with a free gift for every order over $150. If buying in bulk is your thing, you get more money off the larger your order. Large purchases of 8 ounces or more qualify for 35% off.

Whether you’re a cash-strapped enthusiast or a cultured connoisseur Supherbs will provide.

You can find a full range of Subherbs money-saving coupons and deals here on Cannabis Vouchers.

Visit the Supherbs website

No.3 Cannabismo – Best for Edibles

Cannabismo Website Screenshot

Few online dispensaries can compete with the quality of the products on offer at Cannabismo, particularly when it comes to edibles. It stocks a stunning selection of products from popular brands like Sugar Jacks, Dames, Family Brothers, Stellar, Cannabis Cousins, Sweet Jane and Twisted Extracts. The chances are if you can imagine an edible, Cannabismo will likely stock it. For example, it’s got gummies, chocolate bars, brownies, cookies, THC peanut butter, THC peanuts, truffles, space cakes, THC syrups, plus numerous additional baked treats and many more edible goodies.

Every product is quickly restocked, with new arrivals being regularly added to the website. Your favorite items can be shipped anywhere in Canada, packaged with care and vacuum sealed in a discreet Xpresspost mailer.

If you’re short on funds, you’ll still find plenty you can afford with numerous money-saving opportunities available.  Cannabismo provides lots of ways for you to collect reward points that can be used to take money off future purchases. Whether it’s just signing up for the loyalty scheme, writing a review, referring a friend, or making a purchase, you’ll soon build up enough points to cash in on some serious discounts.

You can find a full range of Cannabismo money-saving coupons and deals here on Cannabis Vouchers.

Visit the Cannabismo website

No.4 Bulk Weed Inbox – Best for Bulk Purchases

Bulk Weed Inbox Website Screenshot

Bulk Weed Inbox offers the unique opportunity to buy weed from many of Canada’s top cultivators in bulk at wholesale prices. Boasting some of the best prices available today and thousands of top-quality products, you won’t get bulk products like this anywhere else. As if its prices weren’t already low enough it continually refreshes its offers and regularly discounts AAA, AAAA and AAAA+ strains.

As well as top-class flowers, you’ll also find a vast selection of concentrates, masses of edibles and an extensive collection of CBD products. Bulk Weed Inbox has won over its die-hard fan base By consistently providing great quality products at unbelievable prices. It has a stellar reputation over at Trustindex where you can see lots of product pictures posted by real customers. However, with a dispensary as good as this there is of course a flip side, on Reddit you’ll find a few threads, like this one, mentioning the slow service and delayed deliveries. While the customers are ultimately happy, some have had to wait longer than they had hoped.

You can find a full range of Bulk Weed Inbox money-saving coupons and deals here on Cannabis Vouchers.

Visit the Bulk Weed Inbox website

No.5 BC Bud Supply

BC Bud Supply Website Screenshot

Based in British Columbia, BC Bud Supply uses its strong network of local suppliers and farmers to provide an extensive selection of top-shelf flowers, concentrates, vapes, edibles and CBD products. Run by a team of cannabis industry veterans, BC Bud Supply was founded to be a reliable platform for customers to get the best deals on affordable, high-quality BC bud.

It’s still building a customer base but has a small number of reviews on Trustpilot demonstrating the quality of its products, the breadth of its selection and the simple purchase process. You can also take a closer look at what it has to offer by viewing this unboxing video on YouTube.

If high-quality, exotic bud is your thing you’ll find plenty at this dispensary to satisfy but if you prefer to preserve your pennies you’ll find plenty of budget-friendly strains. Or you can make the most of its many deals, including sample packs and mix-and-match boxes. Also, joining the BC Bud Supply reward scheme will earn you $1 worth of credit for every $20 you spend.

You can find a full range of BC Bud Supply money-saving coupons and deals here on Cannabis Vouchers.

Visit the BC Bud Supply website

No.6 Get Kush

Get Kush Website Screenshot

Get Kush is a family-run dispensary determined to give its customers the best shopping experience and the best weed deals. The Get Kush customer-first approach means that it works hard to resolve any issues and offers some of the best freebies and deals we’ve ever seen. Gifts are sent with every order no matter its size, and you’ll find the website packed with giveaways, competitions, sales pages and weekly deals.

With an impressive product selection of weed, concentrates, edibles, vapes and CBD, Get Kush will always have something to grab your attention. Its premium cannabis flower is sourced only from the best farmers in Kelowna and the islands. Get Kush only accepts products from suppliers that meet its rigorous quality control standards, use organic practices and conduct regular lab tests. Before any batch of bud appears on the Get Kush website a sample will be tested for potency and safety.

While there aren’t as many reviews available as for some dispensaries, you’ll find lots of happy customers in its on-site reviews. On the whole, they love the weed and service; however, some customers experienced slower delivery than they hoped for but agreed that the products were worth the wait. In response, Get Kush now offer better shipping services, including guaranteed delivery.

You can find a full range of Get Kush money-saving coupons and deals here on Cannabis Vouchers.

Visit the Get Kush Website

No.7 BC Weed Edible

BC Weed Edible Website Screenshot

Founded by a pastry chef and a weed industry expert, BC Weed Edible is set to disrupt the edible industry as we know it. It also offers an excellent range of flowers, vapes, concentrates and shrooms but there’s no doubt that the edibles are the star of the show. It carries products from many well-known brands as long as its own unique offerings including gummies, chocolate, cannasugar and THC macarons.

There are lots of responses from happy customers available on the BC Weed Edible review page. They mention the quick delivery and excellent product selection. A few people said that the strength of some edibles varied, but in general, they were more than satisfied.

Wonderfully, BC Weed Edible also sells its edibles, concentrates and weed in bulk for those wanting to score some extra discounts and freebies; the more you buy the more you save. If saving money is a priority BC Weed Edible awards you discount points for every purchase, set up regular giveaways and will give you $20 off your first order when you sign up for the newsletter.

You can find a full range of BC Weed Edible money-saving coupons and deals here on Cannabis Vouchers.

Visit the BC Weed Edible website

No.8 Green Society

Green Society Website

Green Society is an exciting dispensary that prides itself on providing great products and regular offers. Be sure to visit its site regularly to make the most of discounts like ‘Weed Crush Wednesday’. It has a little of everything, including flowers, hash, edibles, vapes, crystals and shatter. If you like edibles, you’ll love the baked goods, beverages and chocolates.

With well over a thousand 5-star Google reviews, its many satisfied customers recommend it for its varied product range, great selection of regular deals and attention to detail.

On top of Green Society’s regular deals, you can also start off with a free 3.5g when you sign up for its newsletter. You can get used to genuinely exciting discounts like that as a Green Society customer, although you may have to go hunting through the deals tab and sales pages to find them.

You can find a full range of Green Society money-saving coupons and deals here on Cannabis Vouchers.

Visit the Green Society website

No.10 Bud99

Bud99 Website Screenshot

Based in Vancouver, Bud99 is an online weed dispensary that specializes in the dankest highest quality bud from A to AAAA grade. It’s also a one-stop shop so when visiting the Bud99 online storefront you can also pick up pre-rolls, edibles, concentrates, CBD, topicals, pet health products, vape carts and shrooms.

Bud99 is successful in its aim to provide the best marijuana at the lowest prices. On Trustindex it’s built up an impressive range of rave reviews. One happy customer mentioned that if you like great deals and great products then Bud99 is just what you’re looking for.

As if the low prices weren’t enough in their own right, Budd99 offers lots of other ways to get great products and save money. It provides regular giveaways, an easy-to-access reward scheme and additional discounts for anyone who signs up for its newsletter.

You can find a full range of Bud99 money-saving coupons and deals here on Cannabis Vouchers.

Visit the Bud99 website

Best Canadian Dispensaries

And there you have it, our detailed round-up of the best online weed dispensaries in Canada. We recommend that you start your search for online weed products with our number 1 pick Herb Approach. After that, it’s a good idea to work through the list based on what type of product you’re looking to find. For flowers try Supherbs, if concentrates are your thing go to Grasslife, if you’re after edibles visit Cannabismo and if you prefer to buy in bulk go to Bulk Weed Inbox.