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Buying Cannabis Seeds to Ship to the US

Buying and shipping cannabis seeds to the US can be challenging due to complex legal restrictions, varied purchasing options, and complicated shipping arrangements. However, it can provide more options, high-quality seeds, and better value for money if done correctly.

This comprehensive guide will consider everything from complex federal and state cannabis laws to the options available to purchase seeds domestically or import them from Canada, the UK, and the EU. It will also look at how to buy cannabis seeds wholesale and how working with an expert partner can help streamline the process and save money.

Cannabis Seeds in the US

When it comes to understanding the legal status of cannabis seeds, the situation is nowhere more complex than in the US. State and federal laws often contradict, leaving people unsure of how to purchase seeds while remaining on the right side of the law.

At the federal level, cannabis and cannabis seeds are illegal under the Controlled Substances Act of 1970, which classes them as a Schedule I drug. However, at the state level, cannabis or medical cannabis has been legalized to some degree in thirty-eight states, three territories, and the District of Colombia.

In 2013, Deputy Attorney General James Cole released a memo indicating that the federal government would not interfere with cannabis legalization in individual states as long as the relevant regulatory systems were in place.

Then, in 2018, the Trump administration rescinded the memo. However, the Justice Department didn’t make any prosecutions and broadly continued to adhere to the terms of the Cole memo. As of April 2023, Biden’s Department of Justice announced that it is working on a new marijuana policy that will likely align with the terms of the original 2013 document.

Broadly, the legality of cannabis seeds in the US depends on the current laws in your state. Some states permit buying and cultivating cannabis seeds, but others don’t. As a result, if you intend to purchase or import seeds, it’s always essential to keep up to date with the latest cannabis regulations.

Buying Seeds in the US

In recent years, the options for buying cannabis seeds in the US have significantly expanded. Whether you buy seeds from US-based seed banks or import them from Canada, the United Kingdom, or the European Union, you can now choose from various strains, qualities, and prices. While the cost of a single seed can vary considerably based on the seed bank, strain, popularity, and quality, our research found that most seeds cost between $1.70 and $22.

Reliable US-based seedbanks, such as SeedSupreme, offer many strains, including US genetics and many from afield. Purchasing seeds domestically may also reduce shipping costs and delivery times depending on your location within the US.

However, despite a few well-stocked exceptions, most US seed banks struggle to compete with the allure of importing seeds to the US from international retailers. Thanks to favorable local laws and a location well-suited to international shipping, some seed banks, particularly those in the Netherlands or Spain, can offer a vast array of cannabis seed strains, including everyday favorites and specialist varieties. Also, well-established markets in some countries mean that international seed banks can sell seeds at lower prices.

Some of the best international seed banks include True North Seed Bank in Canada, The Vault in the UK, and Seedsman in the EU. They all ship to the US, provide an impressive assortment of high-quality genetics, and keep their prices competitive. For more great options, visit our carefully researched list of the best seed banks that ship to the US. Also, if you’re looking for fantastic deals, our cannabis seed category page offers an extensive range of discounts and coupons.

Buying Wholesale Seeds

If you have the budget to buy in bulk or are considering large-scale cultivation, buying cannabis seeds wholesale offers a range of useful benefits. Buying seeds in large amounts is generally significantly more cost-effective and can offer enhanced consistency in seed quality. However, buying cannabis seeds for bulk import faces many obstacles, including rigorous import regulations, intense customs scrutiny, legal changes, and the need for official certifications and documentation.

While you could work to achieve all the necessary certifications yourself, the simplest way to start importing seeds wholesale is to work with an experienced partner who already understands the process of importing seeds from the UK to the US. CannaEx Trades offers various comprehensive services, including guidance on genetic selection, securing necessary certifications, and managing delivery. Because they already have the necessary licenses, working with them eliminates the hassle of acquiring an import permit and significantly shortens the process.


Buying cannabis seeds to ship to the US involves navigating intricate legal restrictions and complicated shipping arrangements. Key points to consider include:

  • You must understand both state and federal cannabis laws due to their frequent contradictions. The legality of cannabis seeds is generally dependent on individual state laws.
  • The options for purchasing seeds have broadened significantly, allowing buyers to source seeds domestically or from international locations like Canada, the UK, or the EU.
  • US-based seed banks like SeedSupreme provide various strains and, depending on your location, may reduce shipping costs and times.
  • However, international seed banks, particularly those in the Netherlands or Spain, often provide a larger variety and lower prices due to favorable local laws and efficient international shipping options.
  • Buying cannabis seeds wholesale can be cost-effective and ensure seed quality consistency. Still, it also introduces challenges like stringent import regulations, increased customs scrutiny, and the need for official certifications.
  • An experienced partner can streamline the process of importing wholesale seeds to the US. They offer comprehensive services, including guidance on genetic selection, help with necessary certifications, and delivery management, making the process more efficient and stress-free.