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The Best Online Seed Banks Shipping To The USA

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Buying marijuana seeds is a minefield. Finding a reliable seed bank that ships to you, has a good price and can take a card payment is far too difficult. That’s why I decided to come up with a list of the best seed banks and put them all in one place.

What makes me qualified to answer this question? Well, I have worked for seed banks in a number of roles and understand how they work behind the scenes. Running this site has given me the opportunity to work alongside many more online stores and through this I have found out who’s good and who you should avoid at all costs!

How To Decide Which Make The Grade?

To decide which is the best seed bank I have looked at a range of factors such as stealth shipping, germination (including guarantees), payment options, reliability, seed range, free seed offers, customer reviews and their services. All seed banks on this list must ship to the USA. If you are looking for the best seed banks who ship to the UK try over at Herb Reviews.

Best Seed Banks 2019

So here goes, the 2019 Cannabis Vouchers list of the best seed banks that ship to the USA. These are the 5 seed banks that made the final list.

  1. I Love Growing Marijuana
  2. Seedsman
  3. Growers Choice Seeds
  4. Marijuana Seeds NL
  5. Sensible Seeds

I Love Growing Marijuana

I Love Growing Marijuana Discount Codes


ILGM are based in Amsterdam in the Netherlands. They ship to the USA, Western Europe, New Zealand and Australia.

Payment Options

You can pay by credit or debit card at I Love Growing Marijuana. This is a two step process where you will need to confirm the payment via email once your order is accepted. They also accept Bitcoin payments and offer a discount for doing so. Other options include cash, bank deposit for US customers and Bank Transfer for Australian and EU based customers.

Stealth Shipping

First up we need to mention that shipping is free to the US, UK and Western Europe. If you live in Australia or New Zealand this will cost $25 (US) unless you spend over $150. To have your order tracked this costs another $25.

All orders are sent using stealth methods and they are so confident that their way is the best they will resend for free if it gets stopped at customs. The only conditions are:

  • You must wait 25 working days from them sending your order before contacting to organise a resend
  • That your address was given to them correctly. If it is incorrect they will not resend your order.

ILGM Seed Range

At ILGM all strains are from their own breeders. Their range is full of strains you will already know and includes a few exclusives. There are no regular seeds but they do offer feminized and autoflowering varieties. 

Their auto range is pretty small, currently containing 11 strains. They do however have more fems with around 50 strains available. These strains include Bruce Banner, Banana Kush, Trainwreck, White Widow, Jack Herer and their very own Gold Leaf.

I Love Growing Marijuana Seed Offers

There are usually a few strains where you can buy 10 and get another 10 free. They also offer some mix packs which are themed and discounted These include beginners sets, sweet treats, blue strains and dutch strains. Also you will be able to receive a specially discounted strain that is only offered on checkout.

Unlike many seed banks they do not offer free seeds with all orders. If you want to save money and use a coupon we do have an ILGM discount code page.

Germination Guarantee

ILGM do not guarantee 100% germination due to them being a natural product. They do however offer a recommended method and if you follow this and have poor results they ask you to contact them and will discuss an exchange.

Customer Services

At I Love Growing Marijuana they have a dedicated customer service team, they respond quickly and have always been helpful. You can contact them via their on site support page, or leave a message on the forum.

Visit ILGM to find out more


Seedsman Promo Codes


Seedsman ship from the UK and send to the USA, Canada, Australia, UK and more. Their only restriction is where they can offer card payments. If in doubt drop them an e-mail and check in.

Payment Options

They accept both Mastercard and Visa at Seedsman. The only restrictions are that they cannot accept it in certain countries such as Brazil, China, Israel and Sri Lanka.

Seedsman have the best Bitcoin payment offer of any seed bank. On your first order you will get 25% off and up to 8 additional free seeds. Then on future orders you will get between 15-25% off depending on how much you spend.

Other payment options include Cash in the post, check, bank transfer and wire transfer.

Stealth Shipping

All orders are shipped hidden within other items as standard. Seedsman also offer delivery insurance for a small extra cost. When you purchase this you will receive a resend if your order is taken at customs. Please note this isn’t available to all countries..

Seedsman Seed Range

The range of seeds on offer cannot be beaten by any seed bank. Like others on this list they offer their own range of seeds which includes feminized, autoflowers, regular and high CBD strains. There are also some regular autoflowering seeds. The strains include classics like OG Kush, Amnesia, Cheese and Blueberry alongside originals such as Girl Scout Crack, Bruce Banger and Purple Alaskan.

At Seedsman you can also purchase seeds from over 100 of the worlds most iconic Breeders. This includes DNA Genetics, Cali Connection, Nirvana Seeds, Connoisseur Genetics, Mephisto Genetics, Fast Buds, Dark Horse Genetics and Bodhi Seeds.

So, no matter what type of strain you seek, whether a coffee shop classic, modern hybrid, high CBD or medical strain, they will be sure to have the seed you seek.

Seedsman Seed Offers

Alongside their massive selection they also offer more freebies and promos than any of the other best seed banks on this list. All orders come with free seeds with additional freebies added for Bitcoin orders.

They also run numerous Breeder specific promotions at any one time. There are usually 20-30 of these offers which offer free seeds with certain pack sizes. This could be a buy 3 get one free or a chance to test out an exclusive strain before it is released to the public.

For repeat customers there is a loyalty programme which earns you points that can be used for discounts on future orders. To find a Seedsman voucher and save even more you can visit our coupon code page.

Germination Guarantee

There is no germination guarantee but if you are based in a legal state or country then you can contact them about issues within 90 days of placing your order. In these cases they will share the information with the Breeder to see if they can assist.

Customer Services

Seedsman offer customer support over a number of platforms. They have an extensive section going over customer questions on their site, so check there first. You can also contact them via the telephone where they have centres in the UK, USA, Spain, Poland, Germany and France.

Like most seed banks you can contact them via e-mail and Seedsman have an excellent social presence where they will answer questions over Facebook and Twitter.

Visit Seedsman to find out more

Growers Choice Seeds

Growers Choice Seeds Promo Code


Growers Choice Seeds are the best seed bank that made this list from the USA. They deliver to all US states as well as Canada, Europe and Australia.

Payment Options

You can pay with Mastercard and Visa. Using this payment method you will have to pay an 8.5% processing fee which is why they are not higher in our list.

You can also choose to pay using Bitcoin. Then you will not have to pay the credit card processing fee.

Stealth Shipping

If you are based in the US stealth shipping is not required as it won’t go through customs! This means all seeds will be shipped in Breeders packs. If you are based outside of the US then they will remove them from Breeders packs to improve the delivery rate in certain circumstances. They also offer stealth packaging for free. However, there is no delivery insurance offered like many other online seed banks.

Growers Choice Seed Range

All strains on sale at Growers Choice Seeds are from their own range. You cannot find seeds from other Breeders like on some retails stores but they have plenty of choice.

There are over a dozen autoflowering strains which include Northern Lights, Tangerine Dream, Gorilla Glue and Critical Purple. If you are seeking high CBD medical strains they sell a select range which includes CBD Critical Mango, CBD Shark and CBD Critical Mass.

The bulk of their seed strains are feminized. You can pick up Purple Kush, Bubba Kush, Diesel, Jack Herer and the recently added Chemdog #4.

Growers Choice Seeds Seed Offers

At Growers Choice Seeds you do not get free seeds with your order like you do at many of the seed banks that have made our list. They do however have a loyalty scheme where each time you order you earn points. These points can then be used to discount future orders.

Alongside this, you can always find a number of strains that are discounted. This is usually 10% off and if you want to save more, here on Cannabis Vouchers you can find a Growers Choice promo code.

Germination Guarantee

Yes, they offer a 90% germination guarantee. To claim this, you must contact within 60 days of your order and it does not apply to single seed orders. Also, it is worth noting that you are responsible for paying the shipping costs of any replacements.

Customer Services

Their customer services are excellent. Unlike many seed banks they have a chat feature on their site so you can easily reach out. They have a telephone line, are responsive to e-mails and have social profiles on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram which are all active.

Visit Growers Choice Seeds to find out more

Marijuana Seeds NL

MSNL Discount Codes


Marijuana Seeds NL are based in the UK and ship worldwide to countries including the USA, Canada, Australia and New Zealand.

Payment Options

You can pay with both credit and debit cards. They also accept Bitcoin which you will receive a discount for using. They also accept cash and money orders. If you pay by bank transfer you will also receive double free seeds.

Stealth Shipping

 Yes. At MSNL they offer 3 different options. There is standard which is your seeds in a Breeders pack and sent in a plain envelope. Stealth, where your seeds are hidden inside another item for extra security. Also they offer guaranteed stealth which entitles you to a resend if the package is intercepted by customs. Even in legal US states this is a worthwhile purchase as customs do occasionally confiscate seeds.

Marijuana Seeds NL Seed Range

The range at MSNL is not as diverse as seed banks who sell seeds from different Breeders but it is pretty comprehensive. At present they have over 100 different strains. These strains come as regular, feminized and autoflowering strains.

In their collection you will find high CBD strains like Cannatonic. They sell strains that are high in THC and have massive yields like Big Bud, THC Bomb and White Widow Max. There are modern hybrids such as Strawberry Cough, Blue Dream, Girl Scout Cookies and Gorilla Glue. For the old school strain hunters amongst you they also sell a number of land races.

MSNL Seed Offers 

There are always lot’s of different seed offers at Marijuana Seeds NL. Every month they have buy one get one free offers, 50% off discounts and free seeds with every order. You can also get discount codes to save even more. All these codes and sales items can be found on Cannabis Vouchers through the Marijuana Seeds NL promo codes and offers page.

Germination Guarantee

No, as they are based in the UK the law there means they are unable to offer a germination guarantee.

Customer Services

It is easy to contact MSNL via their social profiles and email. This is available Monday to Friday and you will usually receive a response in 24 hours.

Visit MSNL to find out more

Sensible Seeds

Sensible Seeds Coupon Codes


Based in the UK, Sensible Seeds ship to the USA and the rest of the world.

Payment Options

We have placed these lower down on our list as the payment options are a little complex at Sensible Seeds, particularly if you want to pay by credit or debit card. This can only be done through the purchase of Amazon gift cards. If you use this method and spend over £50 ($70ish at the time of publication) they will add a free 5 pack of their premium seeds to your order.

Other payment methods include Bitcoin, for which you will receive an extra 5 free seeds for every £50 ($70ish) spent.

Unusually for a seed bank they do offer PayPal as an option which is a big plus. You can also pay by bank transfer or cash in the post.

Stealth Shipping

Sensible Seeds have been in business over 20 years now. Without good stealth shipping seed banks do not last this long. As standard your package is sent discreetly. If you are concerned and want to take more precautions they also offer Super Stealth on the checkout page.

Like many other seed banks, an option to add delivery insurance is available too. This can be added on checkout and entitles you to one resend.

Sensible Seeds Seed Range

The range at Sensible Seeds is unbelievably large with almost 200 breeders on site! They do stock a Sensible Premium range of their own, available in feminized and autoflowering strains.

It’s the large and small breeders from around the world that make Sensible Seeds the pace to visit. You can find all the regular, feminized, autoflower and landrace strains you could ever need.

Sensible Seeds Seed Offers

When you spend over £50 ($70ish) you receive between 5 and 15 free seeds with your order depending on your total spend. You will also find 10-20 breeder specific seed promotions at any one time too. These regularly change and they are one of the few banks that rival Seedsman in this area.

If you want to save more on your order, checkout the Sensible Seeds coupon codes we have offer on Cannabis Vouchers.

Germination Guarantee

Being based in the UK means they are unable to offer a germination guarantee. It is illegal to sell seeds that will be germinated so they cannot offer a guarantee.

Customer Services

There are numerous ways to contact Sensible Seeds. You can drop them an e-mail, write a letter, call them on the phone or contact them through their Facebook page.

Visit Sensible Seeds to find out more

*Disclaimer* Some of these links are affiliate links. If you decide to click through and make a purchase on our recommendation, we will receive a small payment. This helps to pay for the site up keep and to create new content. 

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