Cannabis Clone Rooting

Cloning Cannabis Plants

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Cloning means to create an exact genetic replica of a living material. During the cannabis plant’s life cycle there will be times when it will produce potentially hundreds of smaller growth shoots, which can be removed from the plant and left to root independently. Here are the benefits of cloning. When it should be done, […]

Monster Cropped Cannabis Plant

Monster Cropping Explained

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The term monster cropping seems to be quite a new technique and as the name suggests, enhances the growth of your plants. It is important to not get confused with a different high stress technique named super cropping as there are some subtle differences. What Is Monster Cropping? Monster Cropping is process that involves taking […]

Supercropping Cannabis Plants

Super Cropping

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When you hear the phrase “super cropping”, you immediately want to know more. This game changing technique is simply down to the breaking and healing of a branch. Below I explain what super cropping is, how it benefits your grow, what physically happens to the plants and when and how often to perform this technique. […]

Harvesting a Cannabis Plant

Pruning For Improved Yield

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Training cannabis plants during the vegetative stage is certainly one way to enhance production. Another way is through pruning, which is the art of removing selected lower growth in order to maximise the growth energy of the plant. Below I explain the advantages of pruning, why it is done, when it is done and how […]

Screen of Green Growing (SCROG)

Scrogging Cannabis for Massive Yields

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Having a true understanding of how a specific cannabis strain grows can give you the edge when it comes to canopy control. The ability to manipulate the growth structure of your plants will have an impact on the number of flowering sites that are producing top heavy buds. This is how a SCROG setup works […]

Fuck I Missed

FIMMING Cannabis Explained

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When growing cannabis, there are a number of techniques that can be applied when shaping the growth structure of your plants. Below we cover a technique that was somewhat created by mistake and even given a name to remind us known as FIMMING. What Is FIMMING? To keep it as simple as possible, FIMMING means […]

Low Stress Training Flowering

Low Stress Training (L.S.T) Explained

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There are many ways to train and manipulate your cannabis plants as they grow. Some of these methods are also used when training Bonsai. By physically changing the growth structure of a cannabis plant, a grower can improve the overall yield and quality of flower. Below I will explain the process of low stress training, […]

Trimming a cannabis plant after harvest

Harvesting Cannabis Plants Indoors

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There is nothing more exciting than when harvest day is upon us. As growers, this is the time when all our hard work, investment, labour and skill pays off. Below I explain when to harvest and what to look out for, dry and wet trimming, the dry room and other things to consider. The Harvest […]

Male Vs Female Cannabis Plant

How to Sex Cannabis Plants

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When growing Cannabis the end goal is to produce a plant that is female and will produce flowers. Cannabis is a phototropic plant meaning that it responds to lighting cycles ranging from long summer days to short winter nights. This video shows Phototropism in action. Having the ability to identify if the plant or plants […]