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9 Ways to Save Money on Weed

Despite legalization in some parts of the world, smoking or vaping weed can still be an expensive habit. However, with a little patience and some careful research, there are lots of ways to save money and still enjoy a regular supply of your favorite herb.

Whether you like a couple of joints at the weekend or prefer to smoke regularly throughout the week, we’ve got some excellent tips to make sure your budget goes as far as possible.

How to Save Money on Weed

There are lots of ways to save money without having to give up on quality or quantity. We’ve selected nine of the best money-saving tips, from using coupon code websites to taking a tolerance break:

1. Use a Coupon Code Website

One of the quickest and simplest ways to save money on weed is to use a trusted coupon code website, like Cannabis Vouchers. Coupon code sites collect a vast range of offers, discounts and exclusive coupon codes in one place. Cannabis Vouchers provides easy access to an extensive selection of cannabis products, from seeds and flowers to edibles and vaporizers. By visiting the collection pages or store pages and using the codes, you can save a significant amount on each purchase.

2. Save Your AVB

Already Vaped Bud

AVB (Already vaped bud), also known as ABV (Already been vaped) or vape poo, is weed that’s already been used in a vaporizer. You might be tempted to throw it away but that could be a costly mistake. Despite its dull brown appearance, AVB can still contain useful amounts of THC and other cannabinoids. If you save it you can use it to make your own tinctures or edibles such as ABV butter or cannabis honey. Methods like this are a great way to make sure you get your money’s worth by extracting every last molecule of THC.

3. Grow Your Own

If you have the time and space available, growing your own weed can save you a lot of money. At the start, you’ll need to invest in the necessary seeds, equipment and supplies but in the long run, your outgoings will likely be less than if you were buying your weed direct from a dealer or dispensary. While some inside grows can require a lot of expensive equipment, with the right seeds and a little bit of knowledge, even the stealthiest grow can be done relatively affordably. Not only will you save money, but you’ll also have total control over the variety and quality of your bud. To get started on a budget our grow supplies offers section has everything you need from grow lights to nutrients.

4. Sign Up for Newsletters at Your Favorite Stores

If you find a local dispensary or online store with products you love, signing up for their newsletter will ensure that you’re the first to know when they promote a new strain or launch a sale. Lots of online dispensaries have newsletters packed with exclusive offers to provide subscribers with lots of exciting ways to save money. To make the process even simpler we’ve put all the latest newsletter deals in one collection.

5. Buy in Bulk

If you can afford a slightly larger initial outlay, buying weed in bulk will save you money over time. Most dispensaries offer additional discounts if you can buy your weed in larger amounts, and some even specialize in bulk sales at lower prices. This option is a great way to access extra savings but it’s not suitable for everyone. Before you start buying your weed a few ounces at a time, it’s important to consider if you can afford the initial cost and if you have a suitable place to store it.

6. Split Your Weed Up

Weighing Cannabis Buds

Whether you like to buy in bulk or just live your life one-eighth at a time, you’ll likely be amazed at how quickly you can finish it. Splitting up your weed into smaller portions as soon as you buy it will slow down your consumption and save you money. Giving yourself a set amount for each day or week will help prevent you from bingeing your supply and keep your outgoings to a minimum.

7. Switch from Smoking to Vaping

Vaping bud is a tasty and cost-effective way of consuming weed. The efficiency of most vapes is significantly greater than that of smoking, meaning that with a vape you can use less weed to get just as high as you would with a joint or blunt. Although a good dry herb vape can cost between $30 to $200, it won’t be long before you’ll save more than the initial cost. In addition, vaping is generally considered to be more flavorful, healthier and more discreet. To save money on a new vape visit the Cannabis Vouchers’ vaporizers coupons collection.

8. Save Leaves and Stalks to Make Edibles

When packing your blunt or vape you may be tempted to focus on the buds and discard any fragments of leaves or stem. This is generally considered good practice because they contain a lot less THC than the buds, however, if you keep them and collect enough you can use them to make edibles. Even low-THC scraps, if you collect enough, can be used to make potent edibles like brownies, gummies or cookies.

9. Take a Tolerance Break

A T-break is when you take a short time off cannabis to allow your cannabinoid receptors to reset. Not only does this mean that when you start using cannabis again it will feel more potent but taking some time out will give your finances a break and let you save some extra cash. Whether you feel you’re spending a little too much on weed or just want some time off, a tolerance break might just be what you and your budget need.


With these tips saving money on weed doesn’t need to mean cutting down or missing out. Whether you decide to use a coupon code, buy in bulk or sign up for your favorite store’s newsletter, Cannabis Vouchers has hundreds of verified dispensary offers to get you started.