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What Can I Get At Original Seeds Store?

The Original Seeds Store are a UK-based seed bank with a vast selection of seeds from Europe and the USA's best breeders. Whether you are seeking regular, feminized or autoflower seeds there is something for every collection.

This includes some of the latest and best strains plus a whole range of medical seeds that are specifically bred to be high in CBD. They offer a massive collection of seeds for even the most serious connoisseur or collector. They have a range of 1000s of strains from many of the world's best breeders.

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What Do Their Customers Say?

The reviews at Original Seeds Store are fantastic on their website but mixed when you check elsewhere. There seem to be a few people complaining about confiscated packages which is, unfortunately, a major risk when shipping to North America and the Southern Hemisphere. They do offer insurance for this but they do ask you to wait up to 36 working days before you can look to claim on this. This is something that could be improved along with customer service which is not always the most straightforward.

They receive good all-around reviews for their stealth packaging and the large range that they stock. There are not many seed banks that carry this many strains.

Other Information

Shipping - The Original Seeds Store offers a range of shipping services including stealth and guaranteed delivery, which is a must if you are ordering in the USA or Australia.

Stealth - Stealth shipping is an option for anywhere in the world. In Europe, this means your seeds will be hidden inside another item. For the rest of the world, they will be removed from breeder packs and hidden in another item.

Payment Methods - Card payments are available but only in the EU. Other methods available include bank transfer, cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin and cash.

Freebies - All orders come with free seeds. These change depending on stock but as well as a designated set of strains you can also choose. Depending on how much you spend there are up to 25 free seeds available. There are also breeder-specific free seed offers on-site.