What Can I Get at MJ Seeds Canada?

On the MJ Seeds Canada store page, you can choose from regs, fems and autos, or you can search for recommendations by characteristics like fast versions or those with high levels of CBD. It’s always worth visiting their site because they often change their special deals and add new exciting varieties.

Also, if you’re careful to follow their germination method, they’re happy to implement an 80% guarantee and replace seeds if necessary.

What Do Their Customers Say?

MJ Seeds Canada has numerous loyal customers who’re delighted with their products and service. Although, some aren’t so happy.

On Seedfinder, many of the positive responses include mentions of fast, tracked shipping, high germination rates and healthy plants. However, a few reported low-quality seeds, missing labels and orders not arriving.

Over on Rollitup, several forum members placed orders and reported on the results. Some of them mention the impressive seed quality, nearly 100% germination rates and discreet, stealth delivery.

The main complaint was that seeds often arrived without clear labels and sometimes free seeds were mixed into packs making it difficult to see what was what.

Other Information

Shipping - MJ Seeds Canada provides discreet, stealthy shipping worldwide. Your seeds will be securely packed and may be hidden inside items like toys, electronics or birthday cards.

Shipping is free for all orders over $200. You can choose guaranteed shipping options, which include tracking and insurance. Customs detain Between 5 and 10% of orders, so choosing this option will ensure that your order is redelivered.

Payment Methods - MJ Seeds Canada accepts cash, money orders, PayPal, payment transfers and bitcoin payments. You can also by credit or debit cards, including Visa and Mastercard. For detailed instructions regarding each payment method, visit their ‘How to order’ page.

Freebies - When you spend over $420 on seeds, you will get a selection of free seeds based on the types you order. They’ll likely be a different strain, but they try to match regs to regs, fems to fems etc.