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20% Vivant Coupon Code

Save 20% on vapes and accessories with a Vivant coupon code. Click, copy and paste on checkout.

Vivant Vapes - 20% Vivant Coupon Code
20% Off

20% Vivant Coupon Code

Save 20% on vapes and accessories with a Vivant coupon code. Click, copy and paste on checkout.


What Can I Get at Vivant?

The Vivant range includes:

Wax Vaporizers

DAbOX and DAbOX Pro - Both DAbOX models are easy to use, portable vapes that can fit into the palm of your hand. They also include a useful quick-change coil system and Lithium-Ion batteries. The Pro features an LED screen, temperature control, door safety, stealth mode, and a water filter for smoother, longer sessions.

Incendio Kit - The Incendio kit is one of the most advanced portable e-Nails currently available; the vape body holds the tank and heating element and the glass chamber is fixed to the outside. It has a silica glass surface that quickly produces clean, pure vapor.

Dry Herb Vapes

VIVANT Rift – This is a discreet, portable, dry herb and concentrates combination vape. It packs 80 watts of power and a completely removable hybrid heater.

AMBIT – This is an everyday, portable vape with a quick heating convection system. You can select your temperature between 100˚C to 230˚C and then inhale the smooth vapor through the isolated airpath.

Oil Vaporizers

EDGE – Featuring disposable pods, this is a lightweight vape with a ceramic coil. It's small, discreet and ideal for carrying with you in a pocket or small bag.

 NOMAD - This portable oil vape has customizable power levels and consists of a replaceable pod and a battery unit.

What Do Their Customers Say?

On Reddit, there are several conversations about Vivant and their vapes. Some Redditors comment that their dry herb vapes are more affordable alternatives to Storz & Bickel's portable models. Others pointed out that the major downside was a plastic-like chemical taste. However, throughout the thread, several people quickly pointed out that this disappeared with proper cleaning and regular use.

The overall impression was that Vivant offers impressive products at a bargain price, but they can be slow to respond to requests or problems.

Other Information

Shipping - Vivant offers free shipping for all US orders over $50. They are happy to ship worldwide, but you will be eligible to pay any duties or taxes that are incurred. USPS or FedEx provides shipping and an express option is available on request. Your parcel will arrive in discreet packaging with no visible logos.

Payment Methods - All major Credit and Debit cards are accepted, including Visa, American Express, Mastercard and Discover.