What Can I Get at Nirvana Seeds?

The strains he collected on that trip formed the base of Nirvana’s current collection. Since then, they’ve been improving with each new generation. Available at seed banks across the world, Nirvana Seeds are known for their high germination rates, low cost and robust genetics.

You can choose from a broad range of high-quality seeds, including fems, regs and autos. Whether you’re looking for high yields, high levels of CBD, high levels of THC, or both, they’ll have something to get your attention. With over 70 strains to choose from, Nirvana Seeds has the perfect blend of old-school coffee shop varieties and modern classics.

As well as their range of seeds, Nirvana Seeds provides a range of growing equipment, including nutrient tabs, grow bags and propagators.

What Do Their Customers Say?

With nearly a thousand reviews on Trustpilot for their online shop, the Nirvana seed range is also praised by several customers. Many are impressed with the strength of the genetics and the viability of the seeds. Some reviewers even go as far as to say ‘best seeds on the market’. However, amongst the impressed customers, there were a few who complained of most of their seeds not germinating.

On Rollitup, several forum members posted about their positive experiences, and more than one said, ‘you can’t go wrong with Nirvana. Other customers were happy with the quality of Nirvana seeds but had problems when buying them online from a bulk store. In another thread, the consensus was that buying a more significant amount of seeds could improve the general rate of success. They also said that with Nirvana, any extra money and effort is always worth it.

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