10% Linx Vapor Discount Code at Linx Vapor
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10% Linx Vapor Discount Code

Save 10% on concentrate, dry herb vapes and accessories with a Linx Vapor discount code.

10% Linx Vapor Coupon Code at Linx Vapor
  • 10% Off
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10% Linx Vapor Coupon Code

Save 10% on concentrate, dry herb vapes and accessories with a Linx Vapor coupon code.

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About Linx Vapor

Linx Vapor was founded by a group of vaporizer enthusiasts who set out to improve the industry. Their aim is to provide their customers with health-conscious, full-flavored, stylish and affordable vaporizers. They have produced a varied range including vapes for extract, oil and flower.

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What Can I Expect from Linx Vapor?

Extract Vapes - This is Linx Vapor’s largest category with four sleek, metal-finished vapes to choose from; Hypnos Zero, Blaze, Ares and Ember. They are all pen or straw-style vaporizers.

  • The Hypnos Zero is a two-time winner of High Times’ ‘Best Vaporizer’ award. It uses an innovative design to deliver tasty clouds of pure vapor.
  • The Ember is small and delivers an incredible experience while keeping the price low.
  • The Blaze is stockier in appearance and boasts an in-laid heating full quartz atomizer and an extra-large, recessed, ceramic plate atomizer.
  • The Ares is a honey straw with a ceramic rod atomizer to eliminate the need for any fiddly loading of the extract.

Flower Vapes - The Eden is a powerful dry herb pen vape. It works by convection and features a quartz chamber and air insulation. It has been designed to deliver clean and tasty vapor with no burnt or electrical flavors.

The other option is the Gaia, this is a more substantial box-style vape. It also heats the flower by convection and you can vary the temperature to best suit your bud. The Gaia is a past recipient of the High Times’ ‘Best Portable Vaporizer’ award.

Oil Vapes - The Hermes 2 and 3 are pen-style, e-liquid vapes free from any plastic or paints. As a result, they deliver pure flavor and contaminant-free vapor. Both are similar but the Hermes 3 has some extra features and updates. It boasts a revolutionary ceramic bowl atomizer for use with oil at any viscosity.

What Do Their Customers Say?

On Reddit, vaporists often share their reviews and experiences with their new devices. There are several threads available to get an idea of customer opinion of Linx Vapor.

Many customers mention the excellent build quality and machined finish. They like bargain prices and say that for the price they are great value.

Others reported that they were underwhelmed and felt that most of the range could be described as standard budget vapes.

To get a closer look at the range there are some detailed unboxing videos available on Youtube.

Other Information

Warranty - All Linx Vapor Vaporizers come with a 1-year warranty that covers any defects in the electrical components. It doesn’t cover coils, tanks or any non-electrical components. Claims can’t be made for normal wear and tear, dents, scratches, loss or theft.

Coupon Terms & Conditions

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