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Dr. Dabber manufactures top-of-the-range vapes, vape pens and glass. They aim to provide the ideal vaporizer that balances convenience with experience and enjoyment.

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Dr. Dabber Vaporizers

Switch - This is an induction heating vaporizer that switches quickly between an oil rig and an electric flower vape. It provides an unbeatable battery life and heating speed with up to 150 uses on one charge. Whether you are looking for a portable or desktop vape, the Switch converts easily between the two.

This is the vape of the future with easily customizable controls to adapt to each session. An extensive range of glassware and accessories can be purchased to customize the Switch further.

Boost - A next-generation e-Rig with extra-large nails, a modular and replaceable heating element. Runs on a standard 18650 battery; this is the world's first portable, battery-powered dab rig for oils and concentrates.

It employs a domeless nail, like that of a traditional glass dab rig setup. The most convenient dab experience you're likely to have with just the push of a single button.

Ghost - The Ghost is a low-heat vape pen for oils and waxes. Its titanium technology slowly reaches temperature to prevent any burnt or electrical flavors in the vapor. It is a sleek-looking, super portable pen vape that you can use discreetly wherever you are.

CBD Cartridges - The Dr. Dabber CBD pen vape consists of flavored CBD cartridges attached to a battery to provide a slimline vape. Batteries come in a variety of colors and can be used interchangeably with each disposable cartridge. You can choose from original, citrus, robust and fresh blends.

Glasswork - As well as the vaporizers, Dr. Dabber supplies a range of glass, including attachments for the Switch, Boost and the Diamond range of standalone mini-banger glass rigs. Each piece is produced with hand-blown American glass.

All of these items can be purchased with a Dr Dabber coupon code.

What Do Their Customers Say?

Customers are impressed with the build quality and versatility of the Dr. Dabber range. Several say that it can take a week or two to get the best from the controls, but once you do, you can produce the perfect personalized experience.

From over 300 reviews, they get a combined score of 4.5 out of 5. 84% of responses rated them as 5 out of 5.

Those who rated them 1 or 2 out of 5 mentioned missing parts in their order or small faults. All the negative reviews received responses from the Dr. Dabber team offering to assist in solving the issue.

To get a closer look at the range there are some detailed unboxing videos available on YouTube.

Other Information

Warranty - There is a 1-year warranty on all batteries, chargers, and electrical components and a 2-year warranty on the Switch unit. If you buy a Dr. Dabber product from a 3rd party, you will be required to provide proof of purchase. There is no warranty offered on purchases from eBay or Amazon.

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