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MSNL Review Information

Friends Christian and Ben instinctively knew that there was more to weed than the standard bud found in most areas. In 1999, following a decade of smoking, traveling and trading, they founded (MSNL). They aimed to use their experience to make some of the world’s best cannabis strains available to everyday smokers. Now you can grow the best pot the world has to offer via their easy-to-navigate online store.

Their original collection was a combination of high-quality hybrid genetic lines and landrace strains. They have continued to develop their selection, adding new acquisitions and some of their own creations. At MSNL, they believe that growers like you, who put effort into each grow, should be rewarded with seeds of incredible quality. They ensure that their range doesn’t disappoint through rigorous testing and comprehensive research.

Seed Range

MSNL presents its seed selection in a series of detailed drop-down menus and landing pages, which makes it incredibly easy to use. They offer an impressive variety, including feminized, autoflowering, regular and high CBD cannabis seeds. Each of these is divided into smaller sections and can be filtered to make finding the right seed even easier. 

Seeds can be sorted according to awards, yield, THC level, height, growing speed, stealth, color, flavor and grow difficulty. If you have a specific strain in mind, you can use the search bar, which reacts quickly and makes suggestions as you type. 

MSNL doesn’t stock seeds from specific breeders but provides them from high-profile growers under the MSNL name. They currently stock over 110 feminized, 30 autoflowering and 40 CBD cannabis strains. 

Some of their most popular seeds include:

  • Girl Scout Cookies
  • White LSD Auto
  • THC Bomb
  • Thai Stick
  • White Widow
  • Pineapple Kush
  • Auto GDP
  • Big Bud
  • Northern Lights
  • AK47
  • G13 Haze

MSNL Payment Options 

MSNL accepts payment by debit and credit card, Bitcoin, bank transfer, cash or international money order. They encourage you to choose a credit or debit card because it is the fastest and simplest form of payment. To use either, you must select the ‘credit card’ option during checkout. Customers from outside of the EU should check that they can use their cards for international purchases.

Cash is accepted in GBP – Great British Pounds, EUR – Euro, USD – US Dollars, CAD – Canadian Dollars, AUD – Australian Dollars, NZD – New Zealand Dollars and JPY -Japanese Yen. To pay in this way, select ‘cash’ as you check out, and you will be sent an email with further instructions.

Quick, easy and anonymous payment can be achieved via bank wire and choosing this option will be rewarded with a double amount of the usual free seeds. Because there is no link between your payment and the product purchase, this is the best option for those who prefer not to make trackable transactions. Select the ‘bank transfer’ option, you will be given your order number and then you will be sent an email with specific details of the next steps.

If you want to pay by Bitcoin, you will be given an extra 15% off. Cash on delivery and payment by PayPal is not available, but international money orders can be used in some situations by contacting MSNL directly.

MSNL Shipping 

There are three types of shipping available to suit your requirements:

  • Standard £5.95: this includes a crush-proof container and a plain envelope.
  • Stealth £10.95: this needs extra processing time and includes hiding the seeds inside an unrelated item.
  • Guaranteed stealth £16.95: extra secretive and always sent with a tracking code.

If you spend more than £55, you get free standard shipping, more than £100 for free stealth shipping, at over £150 you get Guaranteed Stealth shipping for £4.95 and if you spend more than £250, all shipping is free.

Orders are always shipped within 24 hours and arrive in:

  • 1-3 days for UK orders
  • Between 4-15 working days for European orders
  • 6-25 working days for all other international orders

For any orders that arrive damaged, contact them within seven days with pictures of the packaging and seeds. If a replacement is agreed upon, they will send it the same day.

Germination Guarantee

MSNL say that their seeds are regularly batch tested in Holland, with germination rates reaching close to 100%. However, because seeds are a natural product, some may not germinate and they offer no guarantee.

Despite this approach, it is still worth contacting them if your seeds don’t germinate:  

I bought some Pure Power Plant from them last year (round November) and not one germinated! I emailed them they gave me a code and sent a replacement.

GrapeApe331 on Roll it up received replacements after getting a completely non-germinating batch.

Freebies and Discount Coupons

At least five free seeds are included with every order, which can increase to 10 for larger orders. The seeds are chosen from the most popular strains and change regularly. They will be automatically added to every order. 

There are often competitions and extra discounts available to earn money off or free seeds. Sign up for their newsletter to hear about the latest offers or pay a visit to their ‘sale’ page.

To get the best price on your next order, we host a wide range of MSNL coupon codes and discounts on this page. These include free seed offers and exclusive coupon codes.

MSNL Reviews

MSNL is well regarded by many of its customers and 35 TrustPilot reviews give a combined average of 4 out of 5 with 69% 5-star responses. They love the fast deliveries, free seeds and quality-product.

I’ve bought from them for several years without a problem. They are also there for questions and if anything is not right. They have even found seeds for me that they did not carry. It would be hard to find a better place.

Unto Buddha is a long-term visitor to their site and wouldn’t buy seeds anywhere else.

Customers who weren’t so happy mentioned low germination rates and missing orders. 

Have ordered and have not received any confirmation nor any feedback regarding my order , Ive emailed and tried to contact but nothing At the moment I think Ive done my money and been taken for a ride big time. I will gladly reverse my comments but at the moment it don’t look promising.

Darryl Shorne left a 1-star review after placing an order and getting no response.

The MSNL team was quick to respond:

We are very sorry to hear you have had issues with your order. We’d like to see if we can find out what happened with your order and find a way to fix it. Could you please help us by providing your email address or your order number? Please do contact us via email or social media so we can discuss your issues.


On Roll it up, forum members gave a mixed response to MSNL.

Been ordering from msnl for about 3years now and very happy with the stealth shipment (since I’m in Dallas). The seeds they send they all germ. No complaints over here.

Eboogiegee82, an active member, shops there regularly.

I was cautious, first time order, wanted to go cheap so ordered 10 big bud, got 5 white widow free. About 40 bucks US. Used a credit card, and got super-fast shipping, great communication. The packaging was so stealth at first, I thought I got ripped off. I contacted MSNL, they told me where to look. When I did, the beans were right there. Seems legit, go for it. I have no information about germination as I have not done that yet. I would use them again. Hope this helps those looking for a legit seed bank.

Mediajunkie2003 was also delighted with the stealth shipping and communication.

While they do have many happy customers, there were several concerns about germination rates.

I ordered 10 cheese seeds from them and none germinated. I received 5 strawberry cough free which all germinated. I contacted them and they agreed to replace seeds with next order which they did hopefully I have better luck.

Swe1968 had a less than positive experience.

 MSNL Pros and Cons 


  • They offer a wide variety of strains, including fems, autos, regs and CBD varieties. 
  • There is a good range of payment options, including Bitcoin.
  • Discreet and secure packaging.
  • Free seeds as standard.


  • No mainstream breeders are stocked.
  • No formal germination guarantees.