Cannabis Flowers and Joint

9 Ways to Save Money on Weed

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Despite legalization in some parts of the world, smoking or vaping weed can still be an expensive habit. However, with a little patience and some careful research, there are lots […]

Sawbuck of Weed

A Sawbuck of Weed: What is it?

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It’s green, it’s sticky, and it’s worth $10. What is it? A sawbuck of weed! The term sawbuck is probably something you have encountered when making a purchase, but what […]

How to make your own hash

Hash Making 101

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Cannabis plants produce trichomes and terpenes which can be extracted. Harvesting trichomes in a delicate manner can produce a high-grade hash, which is a concentrated version of a whole plant […]

Cannabis Clone Rooting

Cloning Cannabis Plants

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Cloning means to create an exact genetic replica of a living material. During the cannabis plant’s life cycle there will be times when it will produce potentially hundreds of smaller […]

Supercropping Cannabis Plants

Super Cropping

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When you hear the phrase “super cropping”, you immediately want to know more. This game changing technique is simply down to the breaking and healing of a branch. Below I […]