The Cannabis Vouchers Mission

The mission here consists of just two key points.

  1. Reduce the cost of cannabis products by providing up to date and working coupon codes.
  2. Provide impartial information based on personal experience of the cannabis industry.

Why Trust Cannabis Vouchers?

Why should you trust us? Well, I have been consuming since the year 2002, working in the industry since 2015 and using herbal vapes since 2016. I understand the costs involved in developing a good vaporizer collection suitable for all occasions and have felt the pain as the price of good quality product spirals with legalization and increased sales taxes. This led me to the point where I decided the cost was too much and it was either time to cut back, or find a way to reduce my expenditure.

This is when I discovered couponing. For some time, I have been using promo codes for all my purchases where possible. Whether it is to buy seeds, a new vaporizer, that awesome piece of glass or a cannabis delivery from one of the many now legal services.

What I was disappointed to find is that there was no one place where all the codes were valid. Way too many websites had coupons that were not even real! They were sometimes blank or had random strings of letters and numbers with the sole purpose of just getting me to click on the link and make a commission without providing any value to me or the brand they were “promoting”.

This is why I decided to start Cannabis Vouchers. I wanted to be able to visit a place where I can get trusted reviews and find a discount at the same time.